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May 1st – Unity and Strength Beyond Borders

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Yesterday the wedding of two people in Britain was said to have united the nation.  It didn’t of course but that’s the message the establishment is insisting on getting out.  Tomorrow, International Labour Day has the real potential to unite people the world over.

Yesterdays events have been analysed to death on the 24 hour drivel channels and the message seems to be that we are one nation, united under the crown.  This papers over the cracks and divisions created by capitalism and used by the elite for the purposes of divide and rule.  They want us to be united for some things but they will drive a wedge between us when they feel it necessary.

It’s summed up in the phrase “we’re all in this together”, used by free market loving politicians to present a unified front to the cuts agenda whilst really forcing the toughest cuts onto hard working families and local communities.  Did the people in Westminster Abbey look like they’d gone through austerity backwards like the rest of us?  You have to wonder how many of the people that lined The Mall yesterday were also those suffering from public sector job losses and closures of services in their areas.

The alleged unity and feel good factor of the royal wedding falls into its proper perspective when you compare it to the celebrations of May Day tomorrow.  May Day crosses borders.  It is not British, it’s universal.  It’s about something we all face most of the time – our toil in order to bring food to the table and create a wealth that sustains us in health, education and happiness.  As trade unionists we want work to pay us the value we have created rather than seeing that value rise towards those who are already wealthy.  We want work to be enjoyable.  We want work to be meaningful.  If we have to work in order to live then it’s right that we make these demands.  This is a struggle but we also need to remember that our struggle is so positive it needs celebrating.

This is a celebration taking place across the World.  There are no divisions.  With real unity comes a strength and a purpose unrivalled by pomp and ceremony.  It is an industrial strength that those in power fear more than anything.  Yesterday was about hiding that unity and strength from people with state trinkets, wedding dresses and celebrity fashion.  Tomorrow must be about uncovering it again and using it!

PCS May Day Message

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