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Desperate Department Plays the Olympics Card

On Tuesday 8th May Home Office staff were treated to a message from the top civil servant in the department encouraging them not to strike.  A large section of it can be viewed below.  It incensed members in the London and South Branch of IPS and we’ve included the Branch Executive Committee response.


Message from the Home Office Permanent Secretary:

You will be aware that some trade unions have called a one-day strike on 10 May over pay, job cuts and pensions.

 I understand that feelings remain strong on these issues and many of you face a difficult decision. However, as the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games draw ever closer, demonstrating our commitment to serving the public is absolutely paramount. The Home Office is central to the success of what promises to be the greatest sporting event in the UK’s history.


You know they’re getting desperate when they appeal for people’s patriotism.  The Branch Response:

Members will have noted the email appealing with us all to make the Olympic Games the greatest sporting event in the history of the UK.  Apparently this hinges on coming into work on Thursday.

Here’s some facts about the Olympics:

  • The Olympics are set to cost us all as taxpayers £24billion. 
  • Armed police and troops will be on the streets of London – hopefully not operating a shoot to kill policy.
  • The long fought for British rights to protest will be severely curtailed during the games.
  • A warship will be moored in the Thames at great expense.
  • Surface to air missiles will be located on London tower blocks.
  • Some sport might actually take place too!

Meanwhile the UK budget deficit stands at a predicted £126billion for this financial year. 

There is £120billion in uncollected or avoided tax. The UK has over 2000 people making over £1million per year and is still producing billionaires. Apparently we have a financial crisis.  Well we do!  We suspect the millionaires and billionaires haven’t noticed so much though.

And then they came for our pensions. Clearly the greatest sporting event the UK will ever stage comes at a high price.  It’s a real shame that the Permanent Secretary is using it as a bargaining tool against us all.

Branch Executive Committee

Strike for Pensions, Pay and an end to Cuts!  All Out May 10th!

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