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Are they rattled or what? I thought the Olympics was a sporting event, turns out it’s the most important thing ever.

PCS picket

PCS picket (Photo credit: secretlondon123)

The media and the ruling elite are lining up to attack PCS members for having the audacity to strike for our pay, jobs and the threat of privatisation.  Have you ever seen the political class so scared?  That’s what this anger is about and they have a good reason to be fearful, for when working people band together they are a force to be reckoned with.

The Home Secretary has described the action as ‘shameful’.  She might want to think this over.  The borders are lurching from cirsis to crisis as a direct result of her job cuts.  The Olympics places extra strain and our strike will have a major impact if needs be.  I spoke to a policeman 2 weeks ago who was being trained over 6 days to be a border guard when needed.  I put it to him that the authrorities don’t know who or what has come into the country on our previous strike days.  His response was “They don’t know that anyway”.  The Home Secretary’s remarks are also interesting against the backdrop of the truly shameful use of G4S as security for the Games and her meandering around what she did and didn’t know throughout that process.

The Prime Minister made similar remarks while he was visiting troops in Afghanistan.  When you consider the horrendous bloodshed in that country in the name of national security you have to wonder what the word ‘shameful’ really means.

The permanent secretary at the Home Office has also been bleating on about how staff should just accept whatever she throws at them.  Like all of the critics they’ve made great play about the Olympics and how they shouldn’t be disrupted.  Note that they accept therefore that we are having an impact.  The Olympics have cost us a great deal as taxpayers.  The money hasn’t only gone into making the games a reality though.  Some people are making a fortune out of this sporting event whilst we face job cuts, low pay and harsh management practices.

It is just a sporting event.  It’ll be over in a few weeks but our pay and conditions will still be an issue.  Ed Miliband, the Labour Party leader has also called on PCS to cancel the action.  Once again the rabbit in the headlights lurches towards the moving the car.  Instead of criticising hard striking civil servants he should support us and show some real leadership in the labour movement.

What fear!  They are acting like terrified children and they’re right to.  We’ve got them rattled which is vindication enough for the date we’ve chosen.  Now we need to use it to achieve our aims.

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  1. Thomas J
    July 22, 2012 at 5:15 pm

    They say that patriotism is the ‘last refuge of a scoundrel’. It’s a hackneyed phrase but sometimes you really need some utterly pathetic and contemptible behavior to illustrate its importance and truth.

    The reality is that the Government have had MONTHS, in fact about 18, to discuss and resolve issues with PCS. That’s obvious from media reports. PCS have been arguing that the organisation is failing: that it has cut too many staff and that as a result we now have chaos at the ports and borders and also at the Identity and Passport Service. Why don’t the wise-acres in Government and some of the ‘talking heads’ in the media acknowledge this simple fact?

    Now that everyone knows their own cuts have led to chaos the Government are appealing to our ‘patriotism’. We must, apparently, ‘all pull together’. Why do people who spend their lives attacking and humiliating us appeal to our ‘better nature’ when we’ve got THEM under pressure? What goes around comes around. PCS members at the Home Office have faced an onslaught in the last years, along almost every dimension – job cuts, pay freezes, privatisation, disgusting HR policies and the victimisation of any one who stands up. It’s absurd for Home Office Management and senior politicians to attack PCS.

    Patriotism genuinely is the last refuge. Even the Daily Mail isn’t ENTIRELY supporting them.
    Who ever would have thought that?

  1. July 22, 2012 at 3:06 pm

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