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Running to the courts won’t solve this dispute. #PCS #Olympicstrike


This evening we learnt that the government has headed to the courts in order to prevent our strike from taking place on Thursday 26th.  Earlier today at the London Passport Office the strain continued to show during the peak period for passport production.  Such is the shortage of jobs following cutbacks that customers were queuing out the door.

Whether the government succeeds in halting the strike or not the Identity and Passport Service, part of the Home Office, is in crisis.  Today in London we had agency staff drafted in and also members of staff from the Home Office HQ building.  Interestingly a few weeks ago the senior manager in charge of the London office told PCS that he hoped he wouldn’t have to use too many HQ staff in passport production.  He didn’t seem too happy at the quality of their work but perhaps they’ve suddenly improved.

At the same time as taking out this High Court injunction the government has also put about the idea in the media that the strike will not have any impact.  It already has in the London Passport Office.  Today several members of staff were encouraged to stay late with the prospect of some extra time off at a later date.  What are these people doing just 2 days before the planned strike?  They’re frantically ringing the 800 customers scheduled to attend the office on Thursday to arrange a more suitable time.

As the queues we saw today show, the cuts aren’t just affecting those wanting to get into the country; they’re now having a profound affect on people wanting a passport to get out!

Here is the PCS response to the High Court injunction.

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