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Industrial Relations Reach New Low

Over the last few weeks PCS representatives in the Home Office have been banned from sending branch and Home Office wide circulars to members via the departments email facilities.  A similar ban has been placed on putting the circulars on our notice boards.

This is largely pointless of course as members can ask reps for circulars that they haven’t seen and we can get them on the PCS website anyway which can be accessed at work.  In this branch we recently sent an email to members telling them that a circular existed and we were told that we couldn’t even do that!  That was about a boycott of the staff survey which the department failed to provide assurances over.

Last week a new low was reached when we were banned from advertising the march against austerity on October 20th.  Again this is rather futile as all the posters were already up.  This kind of action by the employer is not done out of a position of power.  It’s an inherent weakness related to the fear they have at the prospect of people joining together and rising up against them.

How scared they must be of PCS members.

This week we expect further developments in what is being called the London Change Programme.  This will affect members directly in the London CSC.  We have been building good relations with the team working on this but we’re expecting major changes to be planned that will likely include detrimental tweaks to terms and conditions on top of the national changes leaked last week to The Guardian.  You can see the PCS General Secretary’s views on that here.

The national picture can have a huge impact on the local level.  With reps in the branch getting testy emails from management about our circulars, which are a clear interference with our rights to free speech and association, how long can local relations remain good?

We will keep members up to date as best we can.  We are arranging for meetings on the premises providing management will allow and we will soon launch meetings off site so that we can discuss issues more freely.

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