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#N14 Protest against changes to terms and conditions

On Wednesday November 14th we will hold a protest outside Globe House against plans to downgrade civil service terms and conditions.  Government departments are currently assessing all terms and conditions against a benchmark set by the Cabinet Office.  They are due to implement changes in the new year.  This protest gives us an opportunity to say no to these changes.

In effect we could see the terms and conditions become less favourable across the board but including:

  • Annual leave
  • Privilege leave
  • Parental leave
  • Sick absence policies
  • Probation policy

and others.  This is a clear attempt to drive down our terms towards those suffered in the private sector.  Indeed the benchmarking exercise is being carried out by comparing our terms with those of major national and international companies.  There is even the possibility that Ministers may approach the Queen and request that she takes away the day off we currently enjoy in recognition of our hard work and her birthday.

November 14th is also a day when several countries in Europe are holding a general strike.  We will protest in solidarity with them against austerity.  The austerity drive that has gripped the EU is causing many more problems than it’s solving with deficits actually rising rather than going down.  Meanwhile the rich just carry on getting richer.  In the UK the richest 1000 people have gained enough wealth since 2008 to pay off the deficit.

Other workplaces in the civil service will also be treating November 14th as a day of action. Trade councils and other groups also intend to get involved.  If you work in Globe House please join the protest between 12 noon and 2pm.  If you work elsewhere then please support us by spreading the word or organising an event yourself.

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