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Members will recall that when the Chancellor made his Autumn Statement last November, he announced that public sector pay awards would average 1% each year for the two years following the pay freeze, which in the case of IPS meant 2012 and 2013.

IPS Proposals

Whilst there were no great expectations prior to our first meeting with management on 22 August, PCS pay negotiators had made the assumption that if our low paid members (£21,000 or under – as defined by the Coalition Government) had received £250 in each of the two years of the ‘pay freeze’, they could reasonably expect a similar sum at a time when pay awards were to be restricted to an average of 1%.

How wrong we were! The proposals we actually received were:


Grade Award
PO1 £152
PO2 £157
PO3 £181
EO £225
HEO £292
SEO £373
Grade 7 £528
Grade   6 £651


Looks familiar? They should do because these are the exact figures that were published on Exchange on 24 October, which described the offer as, “the fairest outcome for staff.”

PCS Response

Pursuing our agenda of seeking to address low pay and a coherent structure, PCS offered to prepare some counter proposals for consideration by IPS management.

Within the restricted amount of money available, i.e. 1% of the pay bill and taking into account the number of staff at each grade, PCS proposed that staff in grades PO1 to SEO receive pay awards in excess of £200 with the greater amounts to the lowest paid.  For those at Grade 7 and 6 we suggested a £100 increase.

At a further informal meeting held on 9October, at which our proposals were discussed, the PCS pay negotiators were amazed to hear the reasons put forward to justify the skewing of the limited funds available in favour of the more senior and by definition, better paid grades.

  • SEO’s and above needed to be paid a salary that equated to their colleagues in the rest of the Civil Service. Failure to do so could lead to recruitment and retention problems.
  • EO’s and above had not received a pay increase since 2009. (This was due to the Coalition Government’s public sector pay freeze).
  • In response to observations made by the pay negotiators that despite being “all in it together”, the austerity measures were having a greater impact upon our lower paid members, management claimed that the higher grades tended to incur higher living expenses, including bigger houses to maintain!

Whilst stating that they would consider the arguments that PCS had put forward, it came as no great surprise to be advised on 23 October that IPS had decided to go ahead with their original proposals.

IPS Final Pay Offer


(i)  The award values are shown in the first table above.

(ii)  The award will apply to all satisfactory or better performing IPS staff up to and including Grade 6 on IPS terms and conditions and who were in post on 31 July 2012. The award will be pro rated in the usual way where appropriate.

(iii)  The award will be backdated and added to the full time equivalent basic salary of staff as at 1 August 2012. It will be fully consolidated subject to the constraints of the appropriate range minimum and maximum. Where the application of the award would take the basic salary above the range maximum, the basic salary will be capped at the maximum and the remainder of the award paid as a non-consolidated lump sum payment.

Minima and Maxima

Range minima and maxima will remain unchanged although the spot rate values for PO1 will be increased to ensure awards for these staff are fully consolidated, as detailed:

IPS published Minima and Maxima 2012/13

  IPS 2012/13
  Min Max
PO1 (Lon) £19,499
PO1   (Nat) £15,105
PO2   £15,834
PO3   (Lon) £21,341 £22,409
PO3   (Nat) £17,263 £18,114
EO   (Lon) £24,888 £27,378
EO   (Nat) £20,978 £23,076
HEO   (Lon) £31,421 £34,564
HEO   (Nat) £26,867 £29,555
HEO   Acc (Lon) £37,728 £41,500
HEO   Acc (Nat) £33,422 £36,765
SEO   (Lon) £38,232 £43,965
SEO   (Nat) £33,403 £38,414
SEO   Acc (Lon) £44,379 £51,036
SEO   Acc (Nat) £39,319 £45,217
Grade   7 (Lon) £54,679 £62,881
Grade   7 (Nat) £49,034 £56,389
Grade   6 (Lon) £64,003 £73,604
Grade   6 (Nat) £57,955 £66,647



There will be no changes to the value of allowance payments unless these need to be increased as a result of the application of the award.

GRO members who’ve remained on ONS terms and conditions

The Department has stated that, “In 2011 we applied the IPS award to those staff in GRO who remained on ONS terms and conditions in the same way as all other eligible IPS staff. We intend to do the same this year but it is understood this may need to be reconsidered should evidence be provided to justify their being treated differently.”

PCS will need to clarify what this statement actually means and will seek to do so, whilst addressing the outstanding issues from 2011, including progression, which has been conceded by management and contractual rights.

PCS Position

The negotiating team are clearly disappointed over the outcome of the discussions that took place and recognise that many members will be angry, a view heightened by the Department’s incredible claim that their offer is deemed to produce, “the fairest outcome for staff.”  Given that there is still reference to a now non existent PO2 grade in IPS final communications PCS will seek clarity on this matter.

Contractual progression was taken from IPS staff to allegedly address low pay at entry, equality concerns and ensure in the future that all staff would receive consolidated pay increases. It can be seen in the long term that IPS has failed at every level apart from having some attractive pay rates at the most senior grades.

Given the recent culture of salary matching in IPS and lucrative allowances paid to some of the most senior grades in recent times, the priority in these hard times should have been to address the low pay of the majority of IPS workers. PCS believes that IPS has failed the majority of staff with a significant number who have not had a consolidated pay rise for a number of years and the rest with no means to progress.

In line with the Union position adopted during the pay freeze, PCS will not be agreeing to the offer, nor will we be conducting a ballot of the membership on the basis that we see this as the imposition of a National Pay Policy, which has prevented the conduct of proper negotiations.

Way Forward

The Home Office Group remains committed to campaigning against low pay and for greater pay coherence across the Department, for which we value members’ continued support.

Nigel Buller, Deputy Group President

Paul O’Connor, Group Secretary

Paul Jones, Assistant Group Secretary

Martin Kelsey, Assistant Group Secretary

Lawrence Dunne, Assistant Group Secretary


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