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Strike Ballot : Vote Yes!

PCS picket

PCS picket (Photo credit: secretlondon123)

PCS is currently balloting members for industrial action on the following grounds:

  • The Pay freeze
  • Pensions
  • Job Cuts
  • Terms and Conditions

The pay freeze has hit members very hard.  Coupled with the changes in pensions, members are seeing their earnings go down drastically with prices rising in the shops.  In many sections of the civil service we are also seeing the threat of job cuts continuing.  The Chancellor of the Exchequer has predicted that austerity policies will last until at least 2018.

The changes to the terms and conditions are of particular concern.  The Cabinet Office is proposing a raft of changes which will see us all lose in the long run.  In effect this is a risk to every single term and condition that we have.  We could see our annual leave entitlement, privilege days, and family friendly policies all be reduced.

On October 14 and November 30, 2012 this branch took protest action regarding our terms and conditions.  At that time we knew that those protests were unlikely to sway the government and change its course.  It is now necessary to take industrial action to show them our strength of feeling.  All members should take time to vote in this ballot and we urge that you vote yes for industrial action.  If the union at large votes for industrial action then it will be our responsibility to close the London Passport Office for as many days as are necessary.  Those members that work in headquarters and other Customer Service Offices can also play a part in strike action – we know from experience that when members walk out this has an amazing effect on senior management.  They want you to take whatever they give you without question but they are terrified when we stand up together and stand up for each other.

The first step is to ensure that as many people vote as possible.  Vote YES to the action and then take part in it.  In doing so you will be sending a clear and strong message to a government that wants to attack its own workers.

You can read the exchanges bewteen PCS and the head of the Civil Service here.

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