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English: The current offices of the British Ho...

English: The current offices of the British Home Office, located at 2 Marsham Street, London. Photo taken on 15 November 2005 by User:Canley. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Show your support for Jon and attend the demonstration outside Home Office HQ in Marsham Street at 12:30pm 10th April 2013.

Jon Bigger, a longstanding PCS representative in the Identity and Passport Service, has been issued with a compulsory redundancy notice. PCS believes that the Home Office has broken its own rules which dictate that those facing redundancy should have preferential treatment for roles.

Jon was declared surplus in June 2010 and was told that the Home Office would do everything in its power to avoid his redundancy. He applied for various jobs within the Home Office and wider civil service but has been barred on every single occasion on spurious grounds.

On one occasion Jon was forced to go through a two-hour exam and a full interview for a job he had previously done. On another occasion he was asked to prepare a presentation for an interview but not asked to deliver it at the interview. In both cases he was the only candidate.

After successfully applying for a role in the communications team, it was later taken from him as he was told he would not be able to fulfil the role even with training. Jon has a great deal of communications experience and was the only candidate for the position.

At a recent hearing the manager arrived with Jon’s decision letter already signed and sealed in an envelope before he had even heard Jon’s evidence.

PCS believes that he should not be considered as redundant when roles at his grade are being advertised. Jon remains willing to work anywhere in London within the civil service.

Please show your support for Jon and join the demonstration on Wednesday 10 April 2013 outside 2 Marsham Street.

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